A.S Pedals Blakkr Askr Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal (BRAND NEW, FIRST RUN)

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A.S Pedals Blakkr Askr Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal (BRAND NEW, FIRST RUN). Condition is "New".

Grab yourself an exclusive first-run of the Blakkr Askr, a brand new pedal made right here in Devon, England. We’ve put this baby through its paces and, we must admit, found it hard to keep up! It is an absolute fuzz machine with a wide range of fuzz tones, all the way from a light gritty dusting all the way to balls-out saturated fuzz mayhem!

An English-made fuzz pedal, the Blakkr Askr is hand-built on a custom-machined circuit-board with selected components and assembled into a custom-painted alloy enclosure. Additional artwork inspired by the work of KV Artist Blacksmith.

This amazing pedal is the result of an unintentional Spring Lockdown 2020 project to support the maker’s son’s new electric guitar that they thought they’d try pushing to see how much further it goes. This fuzz pedal is the first (hopefully) in a small series of hand-built units with circuits based on proven designs, with custom-machined circuit-boards and selected components in custom-painted and decorated enclosures.

Blakkr Askr is old norse for Black (or Dark) Ash, and it’s the EarthQuaker Devices pedal of that name (itself an iteration of the ColorSound/SolaSound/Vox three-knob Tone Bender) that this pedal is closest to in design.

The maker finds a certain amount of inspiration in the sagas of late first-millenium northern Europe, so naming the pedal was relatively easy. It alludes to the tale in the Hávamál poetry of Odin hanging himself on the Ash tree that supports the nine worlds as a sacrifice to obtain the knowledge of runes.

The pedal artwork is based on KV Artist Blacksmith’s photo of her own work “Windswept Ash Tree on Lime Stone”. Odin’s two ravens Hugin-thought and Munin-memory await his return.



This item is available from our store in Exeter or by post (at an additional cost of £10 due to weight, cost of packing materials and levels of required insurance). 

If postage is selected, it will be packed very carefully and sent via Royal Mail 2nd Class Signed For within 3 working days of purchase. 

If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing either by email or phone.