Freekish Blues Thaddeus Hogarth Alpha Drive Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

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Working closely with Thaddeus Hogarth (the east coast USA singer-songwriter, guitarist and Berklee College of Music guitar professor), US boutique pedal producers Freekish Blues developed an ultra-sensitive, clear, amp-like overdrive pedal that cuts through where others fall short.

Thaddeus was famous for using high-end Dumble or “D-Style” amps in his lineup for some time and became a known expert on the Dumble tone. He had been in search of the ultimate versatile pedal that could deliver those tones along with a wider range of tones from rock to blues, from classic to contemporary and fusion. And this is the result.

“After a lifetime of amps and pedals, I was in search of the ultimate do-it-all overdrive pedal,” explains Hogarth. “Of course I had been using Dumble-inspired amps for many years, but my love for the traditional sounds of the Tube Screamer and even the sound of a cranked Deluxe Reverb fueled my desire to create a high-quality pedal that covered all the bases. I think of this pedal as an extension of my instrument rather than an effect. You can leave it on and turn the OD control all the way down to get what amounts to a clear boost, or you can dial in varying degrees of overdrive all the way to full sweet fat saturation! The overdrive and the volume control are interactive, very much like tube amplifiers with a gain and master control. The tone control actually works! I am very proud to have my name associated with such a high quality product created by my family at Freekish Blues. I hope you all enjoy many great times making music with this pedal!”

This pedal was created to turn a clean amp into the classic Dumble sound (Dumble amps usually sell for upwards of £5000!). In our opinion, this does a fantastic job of getting you close to that coveted Dumble tone and for a minute fraction of the cost! In particular, we love how much of the tonal character of each guitar that we tested through this pedal was reserved. It adds to your sound, rather than changing it (the real mark of a quality pedal).

This pedal is in mint used condition with very few signs of wear or use.


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