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The JHS Pedals Alpine Reverb effect pedal is an extremely versatile pedal that can fit into most styles easily with its luscious sound.

Although it originally started its life as a Sky Pedals Cloud9 the JHS Alpine is more refined with great control and a couple of extra features that make this pedal much more diverse. Reverb for a long time has been an essential effect for electric guitarists so you need to get one that sounds great with any style you play.

From Spring To Space

When looking at this it may seem a bit daunting with its 5 knobs and 2 footswitches but it really is an easy pedal to use. You can go from a small short spring like reverb to a long drawn out reverb in seconds and sometimes you can switch even quicker thanks to the useful switch control.


  • Reverb controls the level of the reverb going in to your amp. This works as a wet/dry control rather than just level.
  • Depth controls how large of an area you want your reverb to sound like. You can take it from bedroom to canyon with just this single control.
  • Highs controls just how much high end sparkle you want in the reverb. This high pass filter actually gives this pedal a lot more versatility as just a small movement can make a huge difference to the sound.
  • Length controls how long of a decay time do you want with your reverb. This works really well with the depth control to get the exact sound you want.
  • Shift is another wet/dry mix control but this one is only activated when you turn on the shift mode.

Shift Up

The Shift control and FX Loop are the biggest changes when compared to the original Cloud9 pedal. These allow you to change the wet/dry mix instantly and also introduce extra effects using a TRS splitter cable.

For the mix difference you just need to set the Shift knob to whatever sound you want relative to the Reverb control. It works in exactly the same way the shift knob just disengages one control and activates the other. So when you need to add some extra reverb for your solo you can do so instantly without needing any other pedals.

The other cool thing you can do with the Shift switch is to activate external effects using the FX Loop jack and a TRS splitter cable. Simply plug in an octave, delay or whatever other effect you can think of in the effects loop and you can set them to run all the time or only when Shift is activated.

Here’s what JHS say about the Alpine Reverb:

In a world full of reverb pedals we are proud to offer up a highly tweak-able, versatile, inspiring and cost effective solution for any situation your gig might throw at you. The heart of the Alpine’s design is the idea that you can have a reverb pedal that is straight forward, easy to use, but also extremely powerful in its functions all while still very approachable without requiring a degree in computer engineering to dial in a great sound.

Switches & Knobs
The Alpine features two footswitches.  The left footswitch turns the pedal On/Off and the right footswitch is the “Shift” footswitch (which we will explain a bit later).  The knob controls start with the “Reverb” control. 

The “Reverb” control is essentially a wet/dry mix knob that lets you set the perfect balance and feel to how saturated the effect feels. 

The “Highs” control functions like a high-pass filter.  Highs roll off and let you darken or brighten the overall effect when its engaged.  The “Highs” control plays a big part in the actual feel of the reverb, how it decays, and how it reacts in your overall rig.   For example a setting that may feel over-the-top or a bit wild can be tamed into a very usable and more subtle texture simply by rolling back the “Highs” control. 

This also works in the opposite way as a simple room/slap sound can be brightened into a more dramatic sound.  The “Depth” control adjusts the size or space of the reverb. Think of the “Depth” control as a knob that lets you change the depth of the canyon you are playing guitar in. 

The “Length” control adjusts the tails/decay time of the overall reverb.  At low “Length” settings you feel like you’re in a bathroom, at full tilt you feel like you’re in a space cave that transcends human perception.

Shift Knob & Footswitch
The “Shift” knob is possibly the most useful of them all as it basically allows two settings on the fly. When you engage the “shift’ footswitch on the right you also engage the “Shift” knob that is a second “Reverb” control. 

This lets you set the standard “Reverb” control to one setting and the “Shift” to another for on the fly adjustment between two preset sounds.

You will find The Alpine has two top-mounted 1/4″ Input/Output jacks like most pedals.  On the left side we also include a TRS EFX Loop jack just like what is found in the JHS Panther Cub Analog Delay.  The EFX Loop allows you to insert any pedal or effect unit you want within the reverb signal itself for infinitely tweak-able sounds.

EFX Loop
Using a TRS splitter cable you can insert your favorite octave pedal to create a Shimmer effect.  Insert a delay for huge ambient pads or even an EQ for fine control of the frequencies and shape of the reverb effect. 

On your splitter cable the RING goes to the output/return of the effect you are using in the loop and the TIP goes to the input/send of that same effect.

Inside the Alpine you will find a small switch that says (EFX LOOP) and two positions labeled (SHIFT ONLY) and (ALWAYS ON). All units are shipped with this dip-switch in the (SHIFT ONLY) position.  When the switch is on “Shift Only” the EFX Loop only engages when you engage the “Shift” footswitch setting. 

This allows you to have your normal reverb setting and then hit the “Shift Footswitch” to activate your “Shift” knob setting and your EFX Loop at the same time for two very different sounds on the fly.

If you want the EFX Loop to apply in both the normal “Reverb” and “Shift” settings, simply flip the dip-swich to the (Always On) position and the EFX loop will always-be-on-all-the-time whenever the Alpine is turned on or the “Shift” is engaged.

Trails & Buffered Bypass
The Alpine uses a high quality buffered bypass that restores lost signal in your rig by correcting impedance and driving the load of your signal to your amp.  Using buffered bypass also allows for “Trails.”  Trails is the feature that lets the reverb signal to gradually trail off when (instead of cutting off abruptly) turning the pedal off.

After years of requests JHS Pedals finally caved, and by caved we mean you can now sound like you are now playing your guitar in a cave with JHS Pedals style. The Alpine is what we believe to be the complete package in reverb. It does the simple as well as the complex and is easy to use.

If you want a realistic and believable Spring reverb or even washed out ambient layers, the Alpine does all of these tones and more.

This pedal is in mint used condition with the original paperwork and requires standard 9V DC Negative power (not included), consumes about 100mA, and measures 4.7″x3.7″x1.2″.

This item is available from our store in Exeter or by post (at an additional cost of £10 due to weight and levels of required insurance).

If postage is selected, it will be packed very carefully and sent via Royal Mail 2nd Class Signed For.

If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing either by email or phone.