Washburn D10S-NAT Electro-Acoustic Guitar (Seymour SA-3SC Woody Pickup)

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Here we have a stunning example of a 2008 Washburn D10S-NAT Electro-Acoustic guitar, fitted with a Seymour Duncan SA-3SC Woody single-coil soundhole pickup.

Released in Washburn's 125th year (2008), this was part of a special range of anniversary guitars and is a stunning guitar for its price point. So much so, that it was voted “The number one acoustic guitar under $500” by Acoustic Guitar Magazine and, still to this day, is Washburn's best selling acoustic guitar in their company history.

While much of the good sound can be attributed to Washburn’s manufacturing process, they also use some great materials. For starters, the solid Sitka Spruce top is a huge plus. Most guitars that sport a solid top start at £400 and above (for examples, the Seagull S6 or Big Baby Taylor guitars). This combination of a solid Sitka Spruce top and high-grade mahogany back & sides makes for a full rich tone that is bright, warm and pleasing to the ear.

The selection of a bone nut (instead of cheaper synthetic material) and chrome die-cast tuners, add to the overall build quality and performance of the guitar. It is both solid and striking as an instrument.

With a dreadnought shaped body and a striking diamond-design rosette around the soundhole (and down the middle of the rear of the body) the D10S-NAT has some of the embellishments of a much higher-range acoustic guitar.

This guitar is in mint used condition with almost no signs of wear or use. It looks fantastic, plays beautifully and punches way above its weight tone-wise. We love this guitar!



Seymour Duncan Soundhole Pickup

This is usually just an acoustic guitar but this particular example has been fitted with a lovely Seymour Duncan SA-3SC Woody single-coil soundhole pickup (worth £50). This is a moderate output, instant-mount, single coil pickup housed in maple cover and double potted. The tone is warm and rich with no 60-cycle hum. Great for everything from folk strumming to delicate bluegrass fingerstyle playing and everything in between.




  • Top - Solid Sitka Spruce
  • Back - Mahogany
  • Sides - Mahogany
  • Neck - Mahogany
  • Fretboard - Rosewood
  • Binding - Multi Laminate
  • Bridge - Rosewood
  • Tuners - Chrome Die Cast
  • Body Shape - Dreadnought
  • Frets - 20
  • Pickup - Seymour Duncan SA-3SC Woody
  • Year of Manufacture - 2008
  • Country of Manufacture - China




After the Great Fire of 1871, Chicago quickly became a national centre for musical instrument manufacturing. Steeped in the tradition of fine instrument making, Washburn Guitar’s dynamic history began in Chicago in 1883. The original guitar factory was located just blocks away from Maxwell Street.

In the early 1920’s, Maxwell Street itself would emerge as the epicentre of a musical movement. Often considered the first
entry point for thousands of African-Americans arriving from the Mississippi Delta, Maxwell Street became a hotbed for Delta Blues in its most raw and dramatic form. Newcomers and established musicians alike would listen and jam with one another in an atmosphere void of commercial influence.

Once recorded, this powerful, emotional style of music would not only become the dominant form of blues but would radically change the emerging sound of Rock & Roll.

There, on Maxwell Street, as well as in alleyways, city sidewalks, bars and honky-tonks around the country, Washburn Guitars were embraced as the very embodiment and reflective spirit of the hard working musicians who played them as well as the employees who designed and crafted them. It is that same spirit that guides Washburn to this day.

The History of Washburn Guitars is the history of a wide range of musicians. From Blues players who shaped Rock ‘N Roll to multi platinum recording artists to emerging guitar virtuosos. It is a history that can be heard and experienced every time you turn on the radio or listen to a live performance. It is a history built by skilled craftsmen and musicians who share one common love - a passion for the guitar Washburn continues to be a consistent leader in combining design, innovation, and
technology to deliver the rich, bold sounds for a vast musical landscape.




Due to the dimensions and fragility of this instrument, we are sadly not offering postage on this lovely guitar. This item is only available to collect from our store in Exeter or possibly by local delivery within one hour of Exeter (please enquire to see if this is available).

If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing either by email or phone.